Public sector

Public Sector

Deliver fast service from accurate predictions.

We assist Security professionals use machine learning for threat prediction, detection and mitigation.

Threats are normally in house and being able to forsee intruders may hold much benefits thus evaluating insider behavior and identify precursors to malicious or risky behavior. Proactively monitor, detect, and predict personnel that require increased monitoring or evaluation to prevent threats and security breaches.

Public Sector

Expand your toolkit

Develop models that improve recruiting efforts, increase candidate quality, and reduce staff attrition. Improve the effectiveness of performance evaluation, professional development, retention, succession planning, and training programs.

Simplify model deployment

Build predictive models that identify and prioritize possible criminal activity. Reduce anti-money laundering false positive rates, increase accuracy, improve team productivity, and decrease costs.

Scale computation massively

Improve operational readiness and logistics management with real-time models that better predict material and manpower needs. Reduce failure rates and costs with machine learning solutions that better predict when aircraft, ships, and vehicles will need repair.