Data Engineering

Big Data, Data Lakes and Data warehousing

Aggregate, process and manage Big Data with excellence.

Deep Analytics are masters of complex ETL data architectures that aggregate various complex data types.

We implement, maintain, test and develop Big Data solutions to meet any organisations specification. Cutting edge Big Data design solutions, using our experience in Alluxio, Hadoop based technologies such as MapReduce and other solutions from our cooperate partners.

Data Engineers

Expand your toolkit

Optimal algorithms with R, Python, Apache Spark and TensorFlow. Always expanding our data tools to meet your data requirements.

Simplify Big Data deployment

Build massive in memory Big Data systems with Alluxio. Alluxio, enables any application to interact with any data from any storage system at memory speed.

Scale computation massively

Deep Analytics can implement distributed Data Analytics using Apache Spark, Hadoop and Alluxio to scale computation across multiple servers.