Deep Analytics Academy

Deep Analytics Academy

Shaping the future

Deep Analytics teaches state of the art machine learning concepts spanning from the statistical techniques, mathematical theory and code implementations.

Learn the practical techniques to making accurate models for prediction, forecasting and analysis.

Deep Analytics Academy

Ultimate Deep Learning toolkit

Learn the best practical techniques for building models with accurate predictions. Deep Analytics gives you business insights by breaking down mathematical concepts into comprehensible detail.

Optimal model deployment

We make you participate in industry leading practices that make modeling faster, easier, less error-prone, and more successful. Learn to get ahead using advanced feature engineering and model tuning techniques.

Scale computation massively

Take full advantage of computer networks and hardware as we teach you to use the best distributed computing techniques using libraries like Dask-ML and Scikit-Learn to mention but a few. We partners with industries leaders to help you use packages like Apache Spark and Apache Kafka.